Fast and Customisable Reporting

Fast and Customisable Reporting

Quickly create a clinically relevant, easy-to-interpret and engaging report that can be shared with the client and other healthcare practitioners.

Run3D’s reporting feature has been especially developed to enable you to present your results as quickly as possible in a professional-looking and engaging report. You select the gait analysis and clinical assessment(s) you want to include in the report and the Run3D software instantly presents the kinematic curves and discrete parameters for these trials. A simplified summary of the key parameters is also included for the benefit of the client. If you have selected multiple assessments, Run3D also plots them against each other, a highly specialised feature enabling you to monitor the efficacy of treatment, assess progress and compare footwear conditions. The three-dimensional animation as well as the sagittal and frontal videos are exported and can be used to help explain the results of the gait analysis to the client.

A recommendations tab containing a wide-range of exercises enables you to create and export a customised rehabilitation programme for your clients.

A sample Run3D Report can be downloaded here:

Run3D Sample Report Run3D Sample Report (2253 KB)