Marketing Support

Marketing Support and Area Exclusivity

From giving you an area of exclusivity to designing marketing material, we will do our utmost to help you make a success of Run3D at your clinic.

We want to help you use Run3D to build your business and have thus created a unique package of benefits, specifically designed to give you the best possible head-start and on-going marketing support during your partnership with us.

  • Area Exclusivity: Run3D will distinguish you from other clinics by enabling you to offer your clients a premium gait analysis service with state-of-the-art infrared technology. However, to support you further in establishing yourselves, we will provide you with an area of exclusivity within which no other Run3D system will be installed.
  • Customised Marketing Material: Our unique technology and engaging animations make for very appealing marketing materials that can be used to promote the Run3D service at your clinic. We have designed a range of resources, including flyers and information pamphlets, which we will customise with your details for your specific needs.
  • Website: Your clinic will have its own page on our website, which will be searchable our Clinic Finder. You will also be able to direct potential clients to the ‘For Individuals’ section of the Run3D website, which has been especially designed to promote the Run3D service and includes information about the Run3D assessment, client testimonials and an interesting Information Zone.