Run3D Proposition

An Exciting Business Proposition

We know that our system has to present you with a viable and cost-effective business proposition and we only want you to invest in Run3D if we can have a positive financial impact on your business.

We understand that all clinics operate differently and that your own circumstances will dictate the way that Run3D will fit into your business model. However, based on our own experience, we recommend that you offer your clients the following Run3D services and ask that you charge the minimum prices as detailed below.

2 hrs (approx.)

Run3D’s Gold Assessment includes our objective clinical exam as well as the 3D gait analysis. This assessment lasts around 2 hrs and is our most popular service for new clients.

1 hr (approx.)

Run3D’s Silver Assessment does not include our clinical examination. This assessment lasts around 1 hr and is useful for referring practitioners, who have already carried-out their own clinical examination of their patient.

45 mins (approx.)

The Gait Retraining session is a follow-up appointment for clients who have already had a Run3D gait analysis and for whom you recommended gait retraining based on the results of their initial assessment. The exact length of this appointment will be specific to the patient.

We offer a range of system purchase options to suit your individual needs, including out-right and pay-monthly options. For further information on system costs, please contact us directly.