The Run3D Package

The Run3D Package

We will help you integrate Run3D into your clinic by combining our state-of-the-art technology with excellent technical support, proven service protocols, area exclusivity and marketing materials.



We supply all the hardware and software required to set-up Run3D at your clinic*. The system includes: a computer with Run3D and Vicon Tracker software licenses, three Vicon infrared cameras, tripods, Vicon calibration wand, calibration mat, reflective markers and clusters, two 2D cameras, all necessary cables, television screen and stand, Lafayette hand-held dynamometer, digital inclinometer, goniometer and tape-measure.

* Excluding a treadmill




We will provide on-site installation advice and training to all your clinicians. You will also have access to all our training materials as well as technical and clinical support throughout your partnership with Run3D.

We have an active and supportive user-group community, with an annual meeting, quarterly newsletter and a network of users who are willing to help you in your journey with Run3D.




Run3D will provide telephone and on-line support during normal working hours for the duration of your contract. We cover both the clinical and technical aspects of Run3D and are always happy to offer advice on report interpretation as well as providing technical support.

We have an active and supportive user-group community who are able to provide first-hand advice on the business aspects of Run3D. 

If any of your hardware breaks, we will replace it free of charge. 




You will be welcomed into our elite community of users and have access to the Run3D brand and all our marketing materials. We will advertise you on our website, give you access to our videos and photographs, and promote you at The National Running Show and The Triathlon Show. 

We will also provide you with an area of exclusivity within which no other Run3D system will be installed. This unique offering means that your direct competitors will not be able to install a Run3D system throughout your partnership with us.  





All software upgrades are included in your contract. We pride ourselves in listening to feedback from our clinicians and upgrade our software based on your requests.   







    You will need to supply the following:

    A space of approximately 1 m in front and behind and 1.5 m either side of the treadmill is required. All natural light should be excluded using black-out binds as it interferes with the infrared signal. No mirrors should be in-view of the infrared cameras as they will pick-up reflections of the markers.

    A treadmill.

    A full size range of neutral running trainers is recommended for gait assessments.